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Paul Urwin

Paul Urwin 

Get the Coaching Your Freelancing Business Needs

My one-to-one coaching package is based on the firm conviction that in order to succeed as a freelancer or entrepreneur, you need to cover both mindset and concrete business strategies.

I will help you to see where you can improve in your business, analyse areas that are perhaps not so obvious, and help you to design tailored content creation and marketing strategies that will enable you to get to the next level.

If you are just getting started as a freelancer or entrepreneur, or if you feel that your business has stagnated or reached a plateau in the last year or two, then get in touch and let's have a chat.

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6 Reasons Your Business May Not Be Generating the Income You Want

  • You Need to Change Mindset: For many people, it' s their mindset that is holding them back. Find out how to develop your abundance mindset.
  • Not Focusing on the Right Things: Are you performing the tasks that are actually helping your business?
  • Not Working with the Right People: Are you surrounded by the people who are going to contribute to your success?
  • Not Getting Enough Clients: Start getting new clients on a regular basis
  • Don't Know Where to Start: Discover and implement marketing strategies that work.
  • Not Treating it as a Business: Make sure you treat your freelancing operation as a business and get the results you deserve!

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